IBDF International LLC (IBDF), registration number 4512866 dba the G500 Private Investment Group (G500) is a Delaware, US registered venture capital firm.

IBDF’s shareholders are 500 individuals who are from the top leaders in the global corporate and financial establishments; and political decision makers; and academics; and professional consultants from 38 countries. 

IBDF is a very resourceful, exclusive and visionary private member based organization.

It has about one million small/medium/large businesses, venture capital firms, investment firms as well as professional consultants, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, academics, politicians, security consultants, military contractors etc directly and indirectly associated to its corporate divisions.

IBDF also strongly advocates responsible and ethical business practices as well as CSR programs and philanthropy in general; and is leading the fight against global political and corporate corruption, tax evasion practices, etc. 

IBDF is also playing a major role in the movement that motivates US corporations to bring jobs back to the US; as well as the advising of wealthy families all over the world to repatriate offshore held funds back to support and add to the development of their local economies. 


As a leading private investment group, we have experienced the lucrative corporate investment and project development world to have changed radically in the last 20 years.

This in our opinion is mainly due to globalization that resulted from the lifting of corporate and political boundaries, creating an immensely competitive and exciting corporate environment where only resourceful, ambitious and passionate investment groups can truly excel.

In order to embrace, and take full advantage of, the enormous potential of mergers & acquisitions, MBIs, MBOs, LBOs, commodity transactions, property development and investments, new business developments as well as the viable corporate investments that are presented by the powerful world economy – the sophisticated investment group of today requires the support of a global visionary and resourceful corporate infrastructure.

Strategic alliances with substantial venture capital resources as well as corporate and technical expertise like that of IBDF will enhance an investment group’s position to enter a multitude of markets and to immediately access global opportunities.

Thus, very few investment groups could compete with IBDF.