1. Registered Name: 

IBDF International LLC (IBDF)

2. Registration Number: 


3. IRS Registration Number:

IBDF has tax exempt status and is only liable to pay annual Delaware State taxes. IBDF is in good standing.

4. Industry: 

Venture Capital

5. Registration Jurisdiction and Status:

IBDF is registered in the State of Delaware, USA, and the corporation is in good standing.

6. Registered Address:

3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 700, Wilmington, Delaware, 19808 – 6192, USA

7. Trading Name:

G500 Private Investment Group

8. Board of Directors:
  • Stephen Bird PhD – President
  • David Allen PhD, MBA – Vice President (Group Capital Investments & GABM)
  • Serge Antonelli MBA – Director (Oakwell Holdings & Ascot Corporate Services)
  • Hugo Conzalez MBA – Director (Capital Funds & IVCA)
  • Simon Taylor LLM, MBA – Director (Summit Network Group Division – Membership Affairs)
  • Bruce Wagner B.Acc - Director (Paulsmeier Franchise Group)
  • Peter Davis LLM – Director (Callister International Division)
  • Pascal Fischer PhD, MBA – Director (International Business Finance Corporation Division)
  • Lawrence Newman MBA – Director (IBNN & IBNN Advertising Platform & Foreshore Holdings & Ascot Travel)
  • Richard Thomas MBA – Director (SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency Financial System) 
9. Shareholders:

G500 Nominees

10. Auditors:

Callister International

11. Lawyers:

Callister International

12. Specialist Corporate Advisers:

G500 Nominees

13. Bankers:

IBDF – SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency System (

IBDF corporate divisions & investment vehicles – HSBC, CITI, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barclays, Credit Suisse, PNB Paribas, ABSA, RBS, VEB, Santander, Deutche Bank, Commerzbank, Natwest, First National Bank, Standard Bank, Nedbank, private banks in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

14. Nature of Business:

IBDF provides its associate members with an exclusive and unmatched corporate infrastructure (Bastion Business Solutions BBS) through which they can access virtually unlimited business funding and/or industry specific corporate advisory services and/or business opportunities and/or new markets for products and services and/or a global business marketing platform and/or business facilitation services worldwide.

15. Brand Names:

- Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM)

- SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency Financial System

- Callister International (CI)

- Summit Network Group (SNG)

- International Business Finance Corporation (IBFC)

- Oakwell Holdings (OH)

- International Venture Capital Association (IVCA)

- International Business News Network (IBNN)

- Paulsmeier Franchise Group (PFG)

- Business Development Partners (BDP)

- Pio Quante (PQ)

- Del Castienne (DC)

- Villa Tritonia (VT)

- Kulvekia Resources (KR) 

16. Year End:


17. Capitalization of Group

SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency System - $500 Billion at cost

(sale of SNG Global Dollars to group members - 1994 to 2018)

  • 2017 - $5 Billion
  • 2018 - $5 Billion
Associate Members:
  • GABM – 356 292 (2017)
  • SNG – 451 762 (2017)