The Bastion Business Solutions (BBS) intellectual capital has been developed over almost 25 years. 

The exclusive purpose of BBS is to provide any experienced venture capital corporation with a comprehensive and ready global corporate infrastructure to conduct business almost anywhere in the world with virtually unlimited corporate resources (capital, industry specific advisory services, business opportunities, professional global business network) in the most efficient and cost effective way. 

BBS is currently managed by the US venture capital firm IBDF International LLC, registration number 4512866. 


The BBS intellectual capital includes: 

1. Four divisions with comprehensive global corporate infrastructures.

2. Comprehensive administrative infrastructures, systems and procedures, documentation.

3. A well funded and developed international banking and payment system, which includes the BASTION PROTOCOL.

4. Private and confidential communication protocols and encryption software to prevent corporate espionage and cyber attacks.

5. Advanced operational software programs.

6. Revolutionary BUSINESS MODELS.

7. Revolutionary FUNDING MODELS.

8. Revolutionary MANAGEMENT MODELS.

9. A multi-million dollar operational international member business chamber network.

10. A multi-million dollar operational international member corporate advisory network.

11. A multi-million dollar operational international member investment banking network.

12. International member venture capital network.

13. A multi-million dollar operational global advertising platform.

14. A complete global business support network.

15. A multi-billion dollar operational global commercial business division.

16. Invaluable business associations, information and databases.

17. Global office infrastructure.