Founded in 1999, Oakwell Holdings is the corporate holding company of IBDF International LLC dba the G500 Private Investment Group (formerly the Paulsmeier Inc Group).

Oakwell Holdings have a stock interest of 1% to 100% in 15 309 private corporations (investment vehicles) all over the world with interests in almost every business sector.

The vast majority (99%) of these corporations have been registered by SNG members (project leaders) as the corporate investment vehicles for their past or current projects, when applying for business funding.

When a project is approved, the IBDF group takes a certain agreed percentage of stock in such a project at no cost. The benefit to project leaders are that the IBDF group, as shareholder and financier, always add its business knowledge and experience to the project that ensures the project’s success and sustainability.

When the project funding and interest has been fully repaid to the investment vehicle, all stock in that particular investment vehicle is transferred to Oakwell Holdings. The funding capital remains in the investment vehicle’s bank account and the corporation (investment vehicle) will then be allocated to another exciting future IBDF group project. The interest on loan capital is always transferred to the Patin fund.

Some of the transactions involving Oakwell Holdings' investment vehicles: