At the core of the IBDF International LLC dba the G500 Private Investment Group corporate strategy is the phrase “Management, Management, Management”.

We believe that one can have the best product or professional service in the world, but if you have a mediocre management team you will ultimately end up in failure.

IBDF has over more than 25 years always succeeded in bringing together effective teams of leaders that took the IBDF group from a $5 million business in 1994 to the largest private investment group in the world with a market cap of over one trillion USD.

The members on the IBDF Board of Directors are:
  • Stephen Bird PhD – President
  • David Allen PhD, MBA – Vice President (Group Capital Investments & GABM)
  • Serge Antonelli MBA – Director (Oakwell Holdings & Ascot Corporate Services)
  • Hugo Conzalez MBA – Director (Capital Funds & IVCA)
  • Simon Taylor LLM, MBA – Director (Summit Network Group Division – Membership Affairs)
  • Bruce Wagner B.Acc - Director (Paulsmeier Franchise Group)
  • Peter Davis LLM – Director (Callister International Division & Corporate Governance)
  • Pascal Fischer PhD, MBA – Director (International Business Finance Corporation Division)
  • Lawrence Newman MBA – Director (IBNN & IBNN Advertising Platform & Foreshore Holdings & Ascot Travel)
  • Richard Thomas MBA – Director (SNG Global Dollar Virtual Currency Financial System) 
Each director has a separate dedicated management team that has the following four key elements or management roles that make up a successful management team:

“The Producer / the Administrator / the Entrepreneur / the Integrator”


The shareholders of IBDF International LLC dba the G500 Private Investment Group are 500 individuals who are from the top leaders in the global corporate and financial establishments; and political decision makers; and academics; and professional consultants from 38 countries.

Moreover, the 500 IBDF shareholders serve as specialist corporate advisers to the IBDF Board of Directors and corporate divisions.